In simple terms this project is my attempt to get to know the Borough of Carnegie a little bit better. I actually live just up the hill in Rosslyn Farms. But I feel a strong attachment to Carnegie.

My family moved here in June of 2004 and we witnessed the devastation that Hurricane Ivan brought to the area that following September. The hurricane was clearly a devastating blow and it felt like Carnegie might be meeting the fate of many similar neighborhoods in Western Pennsylvania that were struggling with fundamental changes to the area.

However, over the past few years it’s become clear that Carnegie is on the upswing. From the outside it feels like this has happened organically. But I know that there had to be a lot of hard work behind the scenes. I’d like to use this project to explore the current state of the borough, try to figure out how it got here and talk to the people that will be part of its future. My goal is to produce a short photo essay each week for a full year.

If you have suggestions, comments or ideas for where this project should go then I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to contact me here: Contact



Why are you doing this?

I’ve got a variety of reasons. But I primarily want to get to know Carnegie and the people that live here better. The term “bubble” came up constantly during the election of 2016. It got tossed around as a shorthand way of saying that somebody on the other side of the political fence was out of touch. But I think that if we are being honest with ourselves that we all tend to isolate ourselves in whatever groups that we feel comfortable with. I would like to make an attempt at reducing my own isolation and explore the community where I live. I want to spend more time listening and just share what I hear (and see).

You took my picture – can I get a copy?

Contact Me and I’m sure we can work something out.