Hi, I’m Brad Knabel…

I’m the photographer behind this project. Welcome and please enjoy yourself here.

My family and I moved to the area in 2004 from Denver and we love Western Pennsylvania. The lush greenery, character of the architecture and the down-to-earth feeling that this area has are incredibly appealing. But the people are the biggest draw for me. Pittsburgh has an incredibly diverse population and it’s always an adventure to strike up a conversation – you never know where it’s going to land.

I was born just outside of Chicago but my family moved around quite a bit while I was growing up. We spent time in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati) and Wyoming before I graduated high school in Denver. I attended college in Pueblo and Fort Collins before settling into being a grown up in Denver. My wife’s family started in Connecticut but followed a similar semi-nomadic life before ultimately landing in Denver as well. We’ve been married for 20 years and have an awesome 17-year-old son that will be heading off to college himself before too long.

My day job is in software development. I currently work for Eaton creating their platform for the Internet of Things. I basically work on the electronic plumbing that allows things like lights, circuit breakers and industrial equipment talk to the cloud.

I’ve loved photography since I was a kid. But I’ve gotten especially serious about it over the past 10 years or so. But, to be honest, I’m finding that I value the fringe benefits that I get from being a photographer. I’ve met amazing people, gotten access to things I never would have seen and most importantly I’m learning how to focus on the present.

I share my work here: http://www.mispronounced.net