Week 1 (Borough Council)

April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018 Brad Knabel

Week 1 (Borough Council)

The Flying Squirrel is a great game and toy store/ice cream shop in Carnegie. Unfortunately the shop owner, Mel Luke announced that the store needed to close. This was a big blow to Carnegie especially in the wake of the fire at Papa J’s recently.

Shortly after news of the closing came another announcement that Mel wanted to open a small, single-screen movie theatre in the same location. Tonight was her presentation to the Carnegie Borough council. There was a full house in support of the proposal and council decided to proceed with looking into the zoning changes needed to make the movie theatre a reality.

I attended the meeting to provide support and try to get a few photos. But after Mel’s proposal I was approached by Colleen Bowers. She introduced herself and asked if I could stay and take a few pictures of a presentation ceremony.

Colleen’s daughter Melissa lost her life in an attack by her boyfriend. She has since dedicated much of her time to raise money and awareness for victims of domestic violence.

Colleen presented a check to “The Center of Victims” for ten thousand dollars that was raised during a recent fundraiser in honor of her daughter.

Colleen was incredibly gracious and I really enjoyed meeting her. She’s doing an amazing job keeping her daughter’s memory alive.

I’m glad I came to the meeting tonight to support the changes to the community. But I feel very lucky to have met Colleen and to have heard her story.